A Day In A Magical World

Review by jmc10 on Sunday, September 15th 2013
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Parry's World is a game created by paradon

Imagine a magical world where there are clear blue skies all year round, a place where ponies roam freely, where magical happy things occur, where you are safe and at peace, where anything can happen. Sounds amazing right? Well the world I will be exploring today is actually nothing like what I mentioned above. Read on to find out about this world that I was lucky enough to spend the day in.

*Grabs Can of Sprite* Hello there, Jmc10 here bringing you yet another review and another boring bleep introduction too, typed by yours truly, the bleepiness that is Jmc. Today I will be writing a review for the annual Royal Reviewer Rumble a forum contest that tests the skills of all reviewers, amateur and professional alike. Since this is a special contest I must review a special game, this game I speak of is none other than Parry's World of the classic shooter genre created by the lovely pony queen Paradon.

As with any game on the internet the thumbnail is the make or break moment, if a thumbnail is amazing and eye-catching it will draw a player in however a dull boring one will cause a player to skip over it the majority of the time. The thumbnail for Parry's world is very eye-catching at least to me. The thumbnail features A black play field with hot poly on either side that twist and turn until they are no longer visible. With the title and the epic thumbnail I was given the impression that Parry's World would be a Shooter role playing game.

*Takes sip of Sprite* I later found out that Parry's World is in fact not a role playing game but an action game instead. The gameplay in Parry's World consists of traveling through several chambers or 'Worlds' within Parry's World. These chambers are paths that lead to the boss room filled with enemies and a mega dangerous boss that you must simultaneously defeat as you try to destroy an enemy fence to escape and move on to the next world. It was very fast paced and kept my heart racing as I sped through the game. Definitely very fun indeed. The best part of the gameplay in my opinion was telaporting through into the next world not knowing what to expect, sometimes being bombarded by enemies or other times having to travel around a few bends in the road. I like how Paradon mixed it up a bit when it came to gameplay.

Scenery in Parry's world was some of the best I have ever seen in a classic shooter, Paradon themed each world and he did it very well. For example in the Fiery Fields he placed hot poly's, and in the the Frozen Forest he covered the play field in Ice poly's and trees. Paradon did a great job matching the scenery to the name of the world especially considering that the classic shooter is very limited when it comes to scenery.

The action sequences as I mentioned before consisted of rooms of enemies attacking you from the frontal and side positions forcing the player to retaliate with laser force. Apart from that there were a few enemies here and there on the path to the boss, they were mainly speeders or cruisers and extremely easy to defeat. Even though the few enemies on the paths were easy to defeat the boss battles did prove to be very difficult, although they were somewhat repetitive throughout the game I still happened to enjoy each and every one of them.

As for placement it was done very well, the enemies, the health, the decorations, everything. I honestly couldn't have done it better myself. The health was given at the perfect time just when you needed it, Paradon only gave you what you needed and no more no less. The enemies were also placed at the perfect times, to keep the players entertained and always have them facing a fun challenge. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, Parry's world ended with I, the player collecting the 20th and final crystal. A great ending to a great game. Well, that's my review, read on to find out my scores.







-A tad bit repetitive

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In Conclusion I think Parry's World is an amazing game that you should definitely check out. The action and scenery are great and overall the game is just plain fun. I do indeed believe that Parry's world is Feature worthy. Well, that's all the time I have for today folks, join me next time when I review something else. I hope you enjoyed my Royal Reviewer Rumble Review. 'Takes Sip of Sprite'

Jmc Out.

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Edit, this review came in 4th place in the 2013 Royal Review Rumble.