Flying High In The Sky

Review by jmc10 on Sunday, May 25th 2014
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Sky Sanctuary is a game created by demonxz95

Or maybe not

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another Jmc10 review. I am finally back from a very very long reviewing break, (you guys should be happy) and today I will be reviewing a platformer game created by a member by the name of Demonxz95. Now come with me children, and prepare to soar for the sky as I give you my opinion and analysis of the game entitled Sky Sanctuary. Demonxz95 is not a very well known member and I honestly have not played many games of his until now so I had no idea what to expect, however according to Mr. Ethgamma this game is based off of a level from Sonic 3, something I honestly did not know, mainly due to part that I am not a huge sonic the hedgehog fan, but who doesn't love games based off popular franchises? This particular game of his appeared on the featured games list as well so it must at-least be worth a try, I mean I have nothing to lose anyway except for maybe my time, and my patience, and my puppy, and uh lets move on.

Now before I dive into the game I would like to talk about the thumbnail, whether it is a yay or a nay in terms of attractiveness. The thumbnail for Sky Sanctuary is pretty cool in my opinion. It consists of a few small visible rooms with a variety of wallpapers, a switch and two one way doors; Oh and a bunch of clouds, don't forget the clouds! Anyways this type of thumbnail gives me the impression that it will be a puzzle game of some sorts. Overall I find the mixture of items pretty attractive and it definitely drew me into the sky sanctuary, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one as the game received over 8300 plays. This thumbnail is a Yay in my book.

It looks like the famous saying don't judge a book by its cover comes into play here because sky sanctuary is actually not a puzzle game but an action game instead.(dang I'm bad at guessing game types) The primary objective is to travel through the sanctuary and kill twenty three enemies. (thanks demonxz95 for turning me into a serial killer) These several small battles in my mission to success made my heart race every time as I kept a careful eye on my health bar. I'd say this action packed part of gameplay was the beef of the game. Apart from the intense action demonxz95 has you running around this floating fortress dodging crushers and other hazards. Also I must point out that the fortress also contains a few areas that are not enclosed so you risk falling to your death in a pit of lava, a fate I met several times while playing this game. This nearly drove me to insanity. Despite the hazards featured in sky sanctuary I found the game extremely fun.

The rest of the gameplay consisted of flipping switches and backtracking to a previous area unlocked. This gameplay in-between action sequences became quite tedious after a while, however demonxz95 did indeed make up for it further into the game. While I was progressing through the sanctuary I seemed to discover a string of gears twisting and turning into the distance, a roller coaster perhaps? To be honest the coaster didn't quite fit into the overall game nor did it look good but boy did it spice things up, and suddenly I was more interested in the game than ever before.

Along with the execution of the gameplay the block placement for sky sanctuary was done quite well. The simplistic intertwined rectangular rooms were not jam packed with decorations and other unnecessary junk. This gave for a nice and peaceful atmosphere and I could breath a little easier while I played without all the extra stuff. The enemy placement was also done relatively well with a few exceptions, for example this one area where a skelly rushes you as soon as you step on the ledge can be quite irritating for the average gamer like myself. The previous can also be said for powerup placement. Although powerups were scarce in this game the few that were there were placed well.

Scenery in sky sanctuary is just amazing for the type of game it is. The wallpapers and decorations placed in the different rooms were well selected and blend almost flawlessly, making the game very eye appealing. Cloud graphics were also added everywhere outside the sanctuary adding to the overall atmoshphere and feel of being high in the air.


Overall: ____

All in All I believe sky sanctuary is a great action game with an attractive thumbnail, fun gameplay, great placement, beautiful scenery, and overall fabulous execution. I think it is definitely feature worthy. Demonxz95, I applaud you and I am looking forward to your future projects.

Well that is all I have for today, thank you for reading.

-This has been review #5 - Jmc Out.


Sky Sanctuary Reviewed by jmc10 on Sunday, May 25th 2014. Flying High In The Sky - A game review written by jmc10 for the game 'Sky Sanctuary' by demonxz95. Rating: 4