boss battle tournament 2015 round 6

By joacocapurro :: Thursday June 25th, 2015

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get ready for the half year challenge! goody must defeat the stronger foes ever! help him to do! in this edition achievements are introduced!! achievements: psychodelic!!!!: hit the boss 1 and each hit you do, hit ONE psychic wave. unhammered: kill the boss 2 without using the hammer. water & fire don't mix: hit a blob and a fireball 26 times in boss 3. (13 blobs and fireballs) firefighter: kill boss 4 without touchin' fire. scuba diving in lava: lose 0 lifes in boss 5 for 1:30 secs. soup without peas: kill boss 6 killing all the peashooters in order , touching 0 peas and hitting baddys in order of the first peashooter busted by you. donkey konged: kill the last boss hitting no barrels. survivor: kill all bosses hitting 0 projectiles of them.


Tags: boss

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