neo pixelpalace

By joacocapurro :: Friday September 13th, 2019

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hey everyone! there's a brand new series on the making! yup! it's named neo pixelpalace! it's a reboot of the really old game series pixelpalace, which was made by juniortennis7. pixelhero rescued pixelprincess again with pixelprofesor's help, and he is now back on pixelcity, the capital of pixelpalace, one of sploder's biggest countries! one day, pixelprowler returned again and kidnapped... the mayor! however, he decided to team up with the baddys to terminate all of sploder! now pixelhero must save both sploder and pixelcity's major! go forth, embark in a journey on sploderworld, and start yer adventure! NOTE 1: happy friday the 13th. NOTE 2: since pixelprowler appeared in part 8 of the complete baddie guide, this series is sponsored by the complete baddie guide as well! some baddys featured in this game had yet to appear in TCBG by the time this game was made, but oh well. NOTE 3: not all of my games wil have 9 levels for now. some will though!


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