tcbg plus 4

By joacocapurro :: Sunday December 13th, 2020

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the complete baddie guide plus PART 4 - uncreative underlings with some rual creations. hey y'all how are you! i present you part 4 of tcbg plus! today's batch of baddies consists of uncreative baddies without much effort put into 'em, sometimes being underpowered or unable to attack. NOTE: this was going to be completely themed with rual baddies, but he wasnt feeling so good and told me to make this episode not entirely themed on baddies made by him. he did allow me to use some of his baddies tho. the baddies made by rual that do appear in this game are marked with a blue circle with a green R in it, to mark that rual made 'em originally.


Tags: baddie baddy

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