Movie Genre Disaster

By jonjon5171999 :: Tuesday August 4th, 2009

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One Day,three scientist invented a movie like you never seen before.The movie was real.Then when at night,the movie corrupted.The virus in the movie came to life and spread the virus.The only way to save mankind is to gather the five crystals,but the crystals were scattered.Three were scattered in the homes of Thors,Wild beast,And roath ninjas.They plan things to do with the crystals.Thors are going to use the crystal to reborn their brothers,The wild beast are going to use the crystals to spread their hatred and burn things down.The ninjas are using it to power a nuclear power system,that can destroy 3 contenents in won blast.But that is not all, something horrible is going to happen when Those creatures activate the crystals.More worse.Hurry. Only you who can save the world.You only have 3:30 minutes to save the world.


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