Best Buds. 29443 Views Celebration

By juniortennis7 :: Wednesday April 2nd, 2014

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Haha, so today I'm celebrating 29,443 views! Kinda weird, buuuuuut...I don't give a donkey. So yeah, I was originally going to make this game with just me surrounded by trophies, but then Shelly came in and was like, "U need to put me in cuz that's what ur supposed to do." And so I was like, "Whatever.".........So yeah, here we are, celebrating 29,443 views. On a more serious note, thank you all so much for playing my games and giving helpful and supportive comments! I really appreciate all you do for me, guys! Heck, I went to the trouble of making a game about it and typing a teenager-girl description too! So yeah, you can tell I appreciate you all. And I should probably stop typing now before I get some random copyright strike from Sega...Aaaaaaaanyway, peace out guys!


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