Channel Negative 14.7 Episode 19

By juniortennis7 :: Wednesday April 2nd, 2014

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Hey, what's up everybody? This is JuniorTennis7, bringing to you the newest episode in the Channel HYDROCITY.7 News Legacy! So yeah, other than the new news room, a whole lot of other changes are being made. We are introducing one of our new recruits, Badmanman45. Also, Huzman45 returns to be our faithful weatherman! His job is going to get a whole lot more interesting, because the weather gets real crazy down here in the jazzy Hydro City! Shelly17 is promoted to assistant news director, (I'm the main one, haha) and she's also starting her own fashion magazine! This first magazine features her in an elegant French outfit, but the magazine will also contain important news concerning Sploder to keep you informed! Also, it's Picture Day in the news room! We're taking a picture of ourselves in the new HQ!...although the picture doesn't go quite as planned. The intro to the episodes will also be changed, as you can probably see. And yeah, this was definitely a very long description, as for several changes are being made to spice up Channel Hydrocity.7 and make it even greater than before! This is just the start of an even bigger legacy as Channel Negative 14.7 upgrades after its first anniversary, which was March 2, 2014. Aaaaanyway, enough of this rambling! Go on and watch ze episode! And may ze French be wid you!


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