Channel Negative 14.7 Episode 20

By juniortennis7 :: Tuesday September 16th, 2014

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Here it is, Episode 20 of Channel Negative 14.7/Hydrocity.7 News, whatever. In this episode, we start off by introducing Badmanman45...I told you he was crazy. And after that, we move on to the fashion magazine (sponsored by Pizza Hut) by introducing two more fashion competitors for Shelly17. So yeah, three models in one magazine. Man, that's enough to make me dizzy! (All the single men in the house say 'Amen!' XD) Aaaaaaanyway, we also have Autumnwinter and Dealwithitdewott returning to start their own space program called Spaceman Spiff. So yeah, bringing in a little Calvin and Hobbes action into the channel! Nothing wrong with that, eh? And after that...well, I don't want to spoil the ENTIRE episode. Just watch to see what comes next ;). Alright, then, JuniorTennis7 out!


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