By juniortennis7 :: Sunday November 24th, 2019

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Latin America (October 24, 1502): A decade after the transoceanic voyage, conquistadors bombard the eastern coasts of the continent in search of wealth, youth, and converts...Latin America (October 26, 1502): Merchants have reported to the Spanish Crown of fiscal opportunity in a native civilization christened 'The Village of Fire.' Conquistadors within range abandon their excursions and target the named village, burning and raiding all available buildings, structures, and monuments. Aventurero joven, es el tiempo para destruccion. Leave nothing behind. (Chapters Two and Three: Burning Town/Ascension - (Chapter Nine: The Deadly Lights - *Note: Upon initiation of the music for Chapter Nine, right-click on the video screen and left-click 'Loop' in order to play sound continuously).


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