Super Mario 3D World. World One

By juniortennis7 :: Sunday July 19th, 2015

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YESSSS!!! IT IS FINALLY COMPLETE! It's what you all have been waiting for...SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD!!! I am just as excited as you guys to finally see this game come into the Sploder universe! And I can say right now that this game took the longest to make out of every single one of my other games. Three weeks. Three entire weeks. That is how long it took me to make this game. Level designing, editing, and perfecting. Three weeks. Anyway, I also have something else to tell you about this game. It's going to bring a couple new things to the table. The first new feature about this game is the power ups. I do believe that this is the first game on Sploder to have a fully functioning power up suit that can be obtained by choice. Since this IS the first world, only two power up suits will be showcased. However, you can be sure that more will come later. And that brings us to our next big change with this game. The music. Or rather, the absence of it. For this game, I have decided that since it's Super Mario 3D World, to not add music to the levels. We all know and love the Sploder soundtracks, but honestly, after a while, they get old. Plus, I love the idea of personalized music. So I have decided to let you guys CHOOSE which songs you want to play for each level. In order to do this, open up a new tab right now and go to Youtube. I already have a highly recommended soundtrack for each level, which I will be telling you right now. For World 1.1 (Super Bell Hill), go to the Youtube tab and type in 'Overworld - Super Mario 3D World Music Extended'. For World 1.2 (Koopa Troopa Cave), type in 'Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Music Extended'. Yes, I'm actually suggesting soundtracks from other games. How REBELLIOUS of me. Anyway, for World 1.3 (Mount Beanpole), type in 'Super Block Land - Super Mario 3D World Music Extended'. And for World 1.4 (Plessie's Plunging Falls), type in 'Slide Theme - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Music Extended'. For World 1.5 (Switch Scramble Circus), type in 'Switch Scramble Circus (Looped) - Super Mario 3D World Music Extended'. For World 1.6 (Bowser's Highway Showdown), type in 'Bowser's Lava Lake Keep - Music Extended'. And finally, for World 1.B (Hectic Highway)-which, by the way, is my own personalized name for the boss fight-type in 'Bowser's Highway Showdown - Super Mario 3D World Music Extended'. WHEW! Long description, but man, am I excited for this game! So yeah, you may need to refer to the description to know what song to put in for each level, (unless of course you don't want any music while playing, which is boring XP) or you can put in your own songs if you don't like my selection. Anyway, don't want to bore you to death with a ridiculously long description for a ridiculously epic and hype game, so go ahead and click play!...Oh, whoops, almost forgot! (Sorry for keeping you waiting, heehee!) Later on, I'm going to be releasing a two-player version of World 1, since some of you requested it, and also, because Super Mario 3D World IS a multiplayer game. Get ready for that to come out soon! (XD) Alright, alright, I'm done talking. Go ahead and unleash the fun!


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