Review #04: Light, Platforms, And Spikes - The Game

Review by juniortennis7 on Monday, February 9th 2015
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L I G H T is a game created by littlepixel

Well, guys, I've finally bothered to come up with another review! It's been a while, but this is my fourth one! Today we are having a discussion on a game by Littlepixel called L I G H T. This game ended up winning the contest, so there was definitely SOMETHING that made this game intriguing. Let's get started!


L I G H T is a Physics Puzzle Maker game by none other than Littlepixel, an aspiring gamemaker on Sploder. This game caught my attention because of its thumbnail and interesting concept. In fact, there's also a sequel to this game, and THAT'S the reason why I've made this review in the first place. Littlepixel has made several improvements in that game, and I want to review this game in order to make a comparison. So yes, expect an analysis on the sequel! But for now, on with the review!


So, for all of the hype that I've sort of built up in the beginning of the review, there actually isn't much to say about gameplay. It's simple platforming, with a, never mind. It's just simple platforming. I think I remember several switches being used to activate the goals and a spring in order to get up to a goal in one of the levels, but that was about it.

Level Design

The main gimmick of this game is in the fact that all of the levels are shrouded in complete darkness. The player is generally the only source of light in the game, other than the goal and other arbitrarily lit areas. The player is expected to use this light to move through the otherwise dark level and reach the goal. This might sound like a challenge, and it definitely could have been, but there were so few challenges in the level design that it made the game a cakewalk. An interesting and potentially involving cakewalk, but a cakewalk nevertheless.

Visuals and Scenery

Black and white. 'Nuff said.

Feature Worthy

This game has a great concept and solid foundation. Unfortunately, it failed to expand on this and didn't provide much content. Though it isn't a bad game to play, it lacks in too many areas and is therefore not feature worthy.


Gameplay: 5/10

Level Design: 4/10

Visuals and Scenery: 2/10

Overall Rating: 3.7/10

Final Words

This review isn't meant to discourage. In fact, the sequel contains several improvements to this game, so I think I'll have a more to say about that game. Good luck on your career, Littlepixel! Juniortennis7 out!


L I G H T Reviewed by juniortennis7 on Monday, February 9th 2015. Review #04: Light, Platforms, And Spikes - The Game - A game review written by juniortennis7 for the game 'L I G H T' by littlepixel. Rating: 1.5