The Death Of Justvodun

By justvodun :: Saturday April 4th, 2015

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This isn't just a game anymore. IT LIFE!MY LIFE! Alright,So I've done some thing's In the past,Some I regret some I hurt people;and...It's........Oh My God.Really.The Title really I'm seriously.Oh God. Ok. Don't blame The Illuminati.Hate wouldn't save this world.Unity can.It might be the only way. This is my exit.I will only exist behind the scene's. Tupac and I have planned this. When Easter arrive's,That's when everything change's. The Start Of A End Time. What you know about me either on Google,or anywhere else well be forgotten;But some may remember. I am The Tupac of this age,and will die with him. But like him,i leave you my final will and death wish..... EXPECT ME. We.Tupac.Jesus.All Of Us. Where coming. Where coming back. Expect Me Like you Expect Tupac and Jesus to Return. EXPECT ME. Sincerely for the final time, JUSTVODUN


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