By killer47 :: Sunday January 2nd, 2011

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It was a dark night. It has been 2 weeks, since your new neighbors moved in. You always felt suspicious of them. So you began to watch them. Day 1: Nothing. Day 2: Nothing... Finally after 9 days of watching, you stop, and start to think other wise about them... until... Late one Saturday night you heard a scream. You then jumped. You looked out the window to see the man drag a bloody, trashbag into the garage. You then called the police. You told them about the garbage bag. They then knocked on your neighbors door, asking to take a look in the garage, but they came out with nothing. Finally, you came over... To greet them. After talking with him. He grabbed you. He hit you in the head with a chair, and you passed out. You then awoke in a celer, in his basement. You were there for 1 and a half days. as you starved of hunger you tried to brake free, and you did. As you now know you have to make it out of this place, and it will not be easy. After first glance you see a garbage bag. The same one like the one you sall a few nights back. you opened, and there was a dead body. You then pucked. once you looked up, you said to yourself I must make a run for it. But you are soon to find out it will not be easy...

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Tags: hard amazing

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