Vortex: The Afterlife

By killer47 :: Sunday January 2nd, 2011

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I reached for the last shadow crystal. But it was too high on a ledge in the cave. I turned around, and the sight was terrible. Aaron was in front of me, blood oozing from the side of his mouth, and a knife through his chest. And the knife was wielded by my Shadow. I quickly jumped onto the ledge and got the crystal. The shadow disappeared, I felt myself grow, and Aaron pulled the knife out of his chest. He then screamed. "Aaron! You.... You.... saved me...." I said. "I did, did I? Well..... I'm not sure I can be saved. I'll see ya later, hopefully not very soon...." he said. "NO!!" I yelled. But Aaron's eyes fluttered, and finally, closed fro good. * * * * * "Aaron, wake up." I did as I was told. I looked around, stunned. Clouds weren't surrounding me. Walls of fire and flames were. And the guy standing in front of me had a staff and.... no, it couldn't be.... three spikes on the top!! "Welcome to H3ll," Loucipher said. "Now follow me." "Why should I?" I yelled back. I pulled a knife from my pocket and stabbed Loucipher. While he pulled it out, I ran. "Augh!!! Get him!!" I heard him yell behind me.


Tags: hard easy epic

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