My Revenge

By kingert :: Tuesday December 9th, 2014

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Story Of The game - One day , Your father was going to farm but the don was standing in the farm and tell your father that it is now my areas so don't come . If you come here you will killed by me . But , your father go in this farm next day so don was watching this he so angry ! Don come and tell you why you come here I was warning you yesterday . So your father tell it is our area not yours so don angry too ! So the don hang him to the tree and killed him for nothing reason . Now 20 years later , you will take a revenge to the don ! But , now the don became too rich because he take other properties free . Best Of Luck ! And come by winning this Revenge . ____________________________________________________________ LEVEL-1 - Kill all the Guards ! ____________________________________________________________ LEVEL-2 - Kill The Don ! *Sploder Game Review: Episode 18 -*


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