[#3?] This Is NOT A Joke Review!!1!

Review by kingoffangdams on Saturday, February 7th 2015

I was asked to review this. And usually when I'm begged to review something, I can kinda make out (( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)) what it's gonna be like. So I saw the title of the game, something about Lordeldar and this Sceptile dude (not sure if you've heard of him) taking some sort of picture of themselves. *Groan* Let's play, then.


Okay, I take back what I said earlier about the game sounding pretty terrible. Once I got into the game, I realized how rich with game-play it was. I was all into it, it was awesome already, something I wasn't expecting (especially for a Mairus game right guys?). Especially from levels 3-8, there was just so much game-play.

It was a unique concept, and at first I had to adjust to how fresh and awesome it was. I can't believe I was blown away with how cool this game was.

The difficulty was just terrible. TERRIBLE. It was way too hard, especially for a young boy like me. I mean, come on. Only like 200 people have completed it, and you have like 200 views, that means that you have a 127% chance of winning, how difficult is that!?

Anyway the game-play was really good, but you'll have to wait before I give the final ratings!

Design and Visual Appeal

The design of LORDELDAR N SCEPTILE TAKE A SELFIE was just as good as the game-play. I think Mairus (who is a single (single as in one not what you think I mean) person) should be an artist when they're older. The abstract. The tone. The other art terms that I have no idea what they mean. Look at the thumbnail. You can already see how awesome the graphics are going to be.

As you progress, you get to see the guys in person, and not just their avatars, and you can see the detail Mairus has put into the hands.

The design was just amazing. I like how Mairus used all of their own graphics, as well.

Anyway the design was fantastic blah blah blah next paragraph.


Have you guys ever heard of Flappy Bird? You probably haven't. It's a really addictive game that's been proved by science dudes to be more addicting than things I probably shouldn't mention.

So anyway, back to the game. LORDELDAR N SCEPTILE TAKE A SELFIE was the most addicting game I've ever played. I could sit playing it for hours on end, over and over and over again, experiencing the brilliant graphics and game-play. Once you get into it, you can never stop.

You can never stop...


Woot finally here we go.








It was very, err, gamey.

Design and Visual Appeal


Looked fantastic



TOO HARD [>:(] [>:(] [>:(]



I play all the time...



m8! Well done on such a good game. Is it feature worthy? Not gonna lie, I enjoyed this. I'd love to see it featured. Editors, get yourselves over here!


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LORDELDAR N SCEPTILE TAKE A SELFIE Reviewed by kingoffangdams on Saturday, February 7th 2015. [#3?] This Is NOT A Joke Review!!1! - A game review written by kingoffangdams for the game 'LORDELDAR N SCEPTILE TAKE A SELFIE' by mairus. Rating: 5