[#4] The Boy Of The Bubbles!

Review by kingoffangdams on Tuesday, February 17th 2015
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Bubble Boy is a game created by boytucker

Hey, it's KoF back with a new review! This time, for my 4th review, I'm going to be reviewing a game called 'Bubble Boy' by a lad called Boytucker.

Most of you will know Boytucker by now, as over the past few months he's been quite the member with the views he's getting.

But I'd have to admit some of his games I've played (usually to win some precious boost points) aren't too good, but will Bubble Boy change my opinion?

Boytucker requested this game on my page, and as he's a good friend of mine, I decided I'd review it. Anyway, let's dive right in!

First Thoughts

I saw the thumbnail and it looked colourful. This was a surprise, because the name 'Bubble Boy' would suggest that it would have an underwater sort of theme to it.

The game has only one level in it, and usually that's not such a good sign. But was that one level so good that it's better than some 9 level games?


Okay, Bubble Boy had some game-play in it. A lot of Boytucker's games are often just dragging a pair of scissors or a tissue. This one, you actually had a player to control. Unfortunately, there weren't really any puzzles, it was just a normal prefab-based PPG, with a little spice added into it. Being such a short game, there's not much I can really go into depth with, especially giving it had an overused concept.

The difficulty was much the same. It was really easy to get to the top. You just roll from one side to another, and there'd be one little thing at the end to get you up. I did have trouble at the top, as Bubble Boy (the character) didn't have much jumping ability, so it was difficult to hop over the hazards.

There wasn't too much of a story in it. Okay, there was barely any signs of a story. There's a character, but apart from that, all you're trying to do is get to the end, you aren't trying to rescue you friend, survive a flood apocalypse, or escape a town full of sharks. I'd have liked to see what is actually going on, and what I'm playing, if you get what I'm trying to imply here.

Okay, so the game-play in Bubble Boy wasn't such a strong point, but it was okay, and it wasn't terrible like a lot of PPGs.

Design and Visual Appeal

Like I mentioned early on, the game was very vibrant and colourful. This was a nice thing to see. A game must use the right colours, or it's horrible to look at while you're playing. But they weren't really the colours I was expecting. most things associated with bubbles have lots of the colour blue, but this had none except the background, but even that was a bright cyan. The background was also just plain coloured, no scenery or background objects, it made it hard to tell where you actually are supposed to be.

Most of the colours signified a certain action, red meant death, brown was used on platforms, etc. But some areas of the game were the same colours as others, and it was confusing, usually you'd know that green is bouncy, but it was kinda muddled up.

I didn't really like the way simplicity and vibrant colours were used simultaneously, but that's just my opinion, perhaps Boytucker prefers games like this?


I'd have to say this game was fairly addicting. I kept dying at the final area, but it was over 10 minutes (about 20 tries) before I'd eventually give up. I just think there should've been more to it, so I couldbe bothered to play even more than I did.

Unfortunately, there's not much to talk about as addictiveness isn't such a strong subject, and the game was too short to go into depth.


Rating time! But first, I'll go through a brief of the pros and cons!


- Fairly addicting.

- Had some game-play in, so you could actually call this a game.

- Difficulty is acceptable


- Fairly poor design.

- No puzzles (it's a PPG!)

- Overused concept

- Too short

Okay, here we go!

Game-play - __.5/_____:
Design - __/_____:
Puzzles - _/_____:
Addictiveness - ____/_____:

Boytucker, your game Bubble Boy has earned...

An average __.375/_____:

Final Thoughts

So Bubble Boy isn't the best game out there, but it was okay, and it was playable without being excruciatingly boring. I would play it again if I had the time.

Is Bubble Boy feature worthy? Nah, sorry, better Tuck (heehee) next time.

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