Demise of Ravenwood

By kingsploder :: Thursday April 25th, 2013

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As a villager of Ravenwood, you have to survive by doing whatever you are skilled at. For one anonymous young boy, his home has been taken from him, including his lifelong companions. The once thriving village of Ravenwood is now desolate, with not a sign of life showing. The houses abandoned, and the village hall lifeless. As you delve into further into the hall itself, you will find the key to reunite with the survivors in the secret room, or what's left of them. Fighting for your life, you must slay the brutal mutants lurking in the darkness, trying not to let life escape from your grasp. These insane creatures, brutally murdering your friends and family, want you dead and anyone else treading near them. As you hold onto life, you fight through the horde of creatures as well as the odd bat or two, and get out of the cave alive. You find shelter in a mighty castle known as Fort Necromon. The King's Guardsmen are to be alerted of this threat, which will eventually begin a war ending in either bringing them down, or an uprising with the human race being slaughtered.


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