Banana Slip

By kjc728 :: Thursday October 30th, 2014

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WELCOME TO BANANA SLIP! You better have fast reflexes, because Rick's gotta big day ahead of him! There's a BIG problem...wherever Rick goes, BANANAS seem to stop him in his path. Your job is to move the BANANAS out of the way before he slips on it. If you don't, Rick will probably get a broken leg, neck, arm, etc. and have to go to the emergency room or whatever. So, make Rick's life easy today and just move those BANANAS! Rate and Comment your thoughts as well! Did you spot any of the hidden NYAN CATS along the levels??? Go check out my other games to if you'd like! Recommended: The Impossible Exam (series), Trivia Crack Challenge 1 & 2, Breaking the Ice, and Knocking on Wood. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! ~Kyle


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