By kjc728 :: Monday June 16th, 2014

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SQUARE DEMOLITION is a mix of a shooter/puzzle game. You goal as a CIRCLE is to destroy the SQUARES for good! ......Here are the 4 CIRCLES (shooters) and their powers: RED = regular BLUE = bomb ORANGE = shoots solid squares PINK = magnet ...Here are the 4 SQUARES (enemies)and their types: RED = big & heavy YELLOW = medium size & weight GREEN = small & light SOLID = these squares are shaded in with a darker color and can only be broken with the orange circle Hopefully there isn't anything too hard or confusing for you guys, but if you have any questions: COMMENT Thank you for playing this game! If you could vote 5 stars, like, and comment, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you haven't played SQUARE DEMOLITION 1 or 2...GET AT THEM BAD BOYZ! Kjc728 ~ Kyle


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