TEK X. Part2 Escape the cyborg

By lakmal9 :: Saturday January 2nd, 2010

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You escaped the Cyborg ship and csll for tons of more troops. You hop into your ship and get out of your walker. You fly out of the landing platform but you are followed by Cyborg ships. Wait! Those aren't Cyborg ships! Those are NOVA ships! NOVA is a HUGE army of Cyborgs and robots, trying to take over the galaxy! You realize that it was a trap! And they surround you. Where are the backups? you think. Suddenly millions of starships swoop in and attack the NOVA ships! You're saved! But then you realize they are much too less soldiers than you called for! Then, as you look around, you see the truth. Half of the soilders are trapped in space bubbles! You are desperate. And when you are desperate, you attack. TIP: Use your Ray Look for the next Part: TEK X . Part3. Ambush on Sonan...


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