Shadows of the Past V0.1

By landcreator :: Saturday October 12th, 2019

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What will your Character name be? What class did ya pick? Leave a comment below! Really curious what yours might be! (b*≧▽≦)b _____________________________________________________ Aye-yo! This is BraeburnSotP AKA LandCreator. It's been a really long while since i've actually created a game here on this lil' site and i've even remembered about it just the other day before publishing this. The games far from finish and this be just a quick lil place holder of the idea of whats to come, tho it gets kinda laggy due to how many entities are bein dunked in one level~ ;w;) The NPCS who are throwin around texts are goin to be replaced with custom sprites if i ever had time to get started with it! Ma plans with this quick game is goin to get a complete makeover art-wise ~ Also even though the game and the site is over 10 years old,was really excited when i realized ye can finally add in yer own textures from within the platformer creator!! We didnt had that back then! And it opened up so many opportunities for me to modify each and every model the game has to offer even though im a coupla years too late! (っT▽T)っ So yeah! Been really fun tryin to make this and hope y'all have fun as well! Cya~ _____________________________________________________ Cedits fer he graphics wud be right over ere by the next update


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