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Review by lcraniuml on Wednesday, July 20th 2011
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Sanguinary is a game created by youngcaliman

Today I will be reviewing Sanguinary by Youngcaliman


well, playing all of Youngcaliman's games, I know that he is one of the best on sploder. Seeing that he has a new 3D game out, I knew that I had to try it. And after playing his other 3D, my expectations are very high for this game by Youngcaliman.

After Thoughts

After playing Youngcaliman's games, I was expecting a whole lot from this game, and that's exaclty what I recieved from this wonderful project. I could tell that Youngcaliman put alot of time and effort into this great game, and I believe that that time and effort deffinetaly payed off. The enemies and power-ups where placed very nicely, accept the enemies where a little of massive, but we'll get to that later in the review. The design/scenery, was also a major upgrade to this game. Rigt of the bat, you could tell that the scenery or design was going to be a great factor in the game. I'm glad he added scenery/design into the game, because that attracts the newer game players, and when they play this, they can learn what a great 3D game is. Another great thing about this game, is the storyline, you start the game like this storyline is like all the others, but you finnish the game like, WOW that was epic. And I think that was another key in this game. And ANOTHER major key in this game, were the puzzles. The puzzles. The puzzles were very nicely place, and hard to try and figure out. Most of them were either never seen before, or they have been seen before, but he used them in a different way. And I really like puzzles, so that was one of my favorite factors in this game.

Although this was a wonderful game, it also had some bumps and scratches, but that's normal.

Since we taked about the good things, now let's talk about the 'cons'. Well, like I said earlier, the enemies were nicely placed, but some of them were over placed. Which isn't a bad thing, but isn't a great thing either. Once you start, you can get a ray gun, which helps tone down the enemies faster, but it's fairly hard to get to, therefore many people die easily. I, along with many other people, die on the fourth level. There's an overwhelming amount of enemies in that level. Even though I had the ray gun, I still died. So my suggestion for enemies, is tone them down just a tad. Another thing I would like to talk about, is the repetitive traps. although the traps were nice, I felt that Youngcaliman overused the snaggers and lave trap too much. It's a great trap, but the snagger and lava gets boring after a while. So to end this up, I think there weren't too many things wrong, just a reasonable amount, but it was a nice game.

As I was saying earlier,the design is perfect for this type of game, I'm jealous that I didn't think of how Youngcaliman used the texture before he made it! I mean right off the bat you see awesome and detailed scenery/design, and I really like that in 3D games, so that made me happy. I also like how he usedthe Quarentined texture for the nut house type thing, and he just put a lot of effort into the scenery/design. So I think he really overdid himself with the scenery/design. Overall it was great. So, now let's move along to the next part of the review.

As we all know, Youngcaliman is the master of puzzles this most recently. I was expecting alot of puzzles in this game, but I didn't get as much as I was hoping for, but when I did come accross one of the puzzles, I though the were amazing. There were bout three or four or five, but like I said, when I came accross them, not only were they good, but I hadn't seen them before either. I would never of thought about using the electric things to make a puzzle/trap, but Youngcaliman found a way to do it. There were also a few puzzle doors if you would even consider that as a puzzle. He used the letter ones which i hate, but that's not impoertant right now, so overall, I think Youngcaliman used brilliant puzzles in this game, that blew me away.


Nice Puzzles

Nice Scenery

Nice Gamplay

Nice Storyline


Over-placed Enemies

Not much anything Else


Gameplay: 8/10

Story: 9/10

Puzzle 8/10

Scenery: 8/10

Overall: 8.3/10

Great Game Youngcaliman!


Sanguinary Reviewed by lcraniuml on Wednesday, July 20th 2011. 3D At It's Best! - A game review written by lcraniuml for the game 'Sanguinary' by youngcaliman. Rating: 4