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Review by lcraniuml on Friday, August 19th 2011
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The Globoid Factory is a game created by ckmbud

Hello, today I will be reviewing The Globoid Factory by Ckmbud.


Ckmbud is a pretty good with the Physics Game Creator, as you could tell by his great Physic games. Following a recent feature, I played his game, and clicked on his profile. As I was flipping through his games, I found a game that caught my eye. The Globoid Factory. This game is fairly old, and I remembered playing it before. I had forgotten what it was like, so I just clicked on it with high expectations.


Wow, ckmbud must have really used his brain for this one, because it is brilliant. The puzzles and so called 'enemies' were very nice, and very nicely placed. Once I started, I had no idea what to do, so I just started playing with it, and I found out how it worked. The brilliant mind of ckmbud came up with this fast-paced strategy puzzle that you have to use throughout the game. That great concept is to angle the blue lines to direct the ball from the adder to the coin. Though this was the first game like this of it's kind, and seems easy, it's not. There are a few little obstacles from perfect victory. First off, there are red lines that kill you almost everywhere that you look. One small mistake, and you are done for, which was pretty cool, but I think it made the game a little hard. I mean, I like hard games, but but not overboard hard. This game was over average difficulty, but it wasn't a major letdown, but we will get to that later. Another thing that keeps you from sweet victory, is the blistering time limit. I personally think that this was a good/bad thing in this game. What I liked about it, was that it added a nice challenge to the game, that would have been a lot easier without it. The thing that I didn't like about it, was the short amount of time it gave you, but I'll also get to that later in the review. I think another thing that made this game awesome, was the cool neon glow. Although the colors got boring later on in the game, I thought it was pretty neat.

I know this was a great game, but even great games have some bumps and scratches, and this game had a few. They weren't let downs, but they were things that I thought could be improved.

In the tags, someone put "hard". I agree, but also dis-agree. I thought that some things cold have been made easier, but like I said, I like hard games, but I'm about to say what could have been improved. First off, let's talk about the red lines that were placed almost everywhere. I thought they were placed great, but what I didn't think was great, was how hard it was to figure out how to get around them. So if I was ckmbud, I would make it a little easier. Secondly, I didn't really like how he made it really hard in the starting levels. I like games that start off kind of easy, but then get get harder in the later levels. In this game, it started really hard, so that kind of lowers some players self esteem, but I got far enough to fall in love with the game. Lastly, I'll talk about the time limit. Like I said, I love that he put that in there, but I thought Ckmbud kind of over did it with the difficulty of the timing. Moving on with the review.

Let's talk about the creativity. I think that Ckmbud did a great job converting his ideas into this game. The puzzles were just outstanding, and I have no idea how Ckmbud came up with them. I also think that this game has one of the best concepts of any game I've ever played. In fact, I'm not the only one that thinks that, many other members liked it, and have tried to copy it, but in my opinion, none of them could live up to this one. I also like how he thought of some cool objects that either help, or kill the player, that you either have to avoid, or use to your advantage. So overall, I think that Ckmbud did a fabulous job with the ideas, and I really liked it.

Ok, now that we've finnished that, let's move on to the placement. What I mean by placement, is overall placement of the objects. I really have to give it to Ckmbud. I think he placed he placed most objects right were they needed to go, and then some. Even though I think he placed almost all of the objects good, I wish he would've taken out some of the obstacles, because he placed them good, but the obstacles and the time limit, do not really go together in this specific game. So if I were him, I'd take some out. But overall, I think Ckmbud did a nice job with the placement.


Fun: 8/10

Hard: 9/10

Creativity: 9/10


Some may not think this game is feature worthy now days, but this game was made a while back when the physics creator was fairly new, but never got the attention it deserved. So I want some people to play an awesome, and know how there were some awesome games when the PPG was new. So yes, I think it's feature-worthy.


The Globoid Factory Reviewed by lcraniuml on Friday, August 19th 2011. The Awesome Factory - A game review written by lcraniuml for the game 'The Globoid Factory' by ckmbud. Rating: 4