By levelorange011 :: Saturday March 31st, 2012

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There are 9 action packed levels to play. The first is just introductory, showing the steps. Drag the blocks with the mouse. Drag the red blocks to the brown ones. Do not touch 2 red together. Black blocks hold other blocks up, and keep the blocks on the screen. Do not let a block fall. You need to drag ALL of them to the brown, not just 1 red. The second level is the first but harder. The third is the Trojan Horse. And so on. You will see them once you get to them (If you can). The first level has 18 moveable blocks, the second 45, the third 76, the fourth 25, the fifth 16, the sixt 27, the seventh 62, the eighth 42, and the last 55. They do not coorespond to their difficulty. Have much fun!


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