Simplicity Complicated, A Review Of Mimicry By Tbremise [LevelOReviews]

Review by levelorange011 on Sunday, December 2nd 2012
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Mimicry is a game created by tbremise

Some may say it's an intro. Some may say it's a start screen. I call it a beginning. A beginning. A beginning to a new era of Sploder-kind. Forever and always, remembered will be this game. It will not be remembered, but remembered will be it. For always and for certian.


By: Tbremise

Type: Physics Puzzle

A LevelOrange011 Review

Quotes & Stats Responses

"This deserves to be featured. This is epic." - Billandmike

"Great Game!" - Theo45

"Must.Collab.With.Tb. Great game brutha!" - Aditya75

The fair majority of the comments say this, along with recorded times. This sparks up my instincts. Being a trustworthy person, I take confidence in other's responses. And from what I hear, the game I am about to witness will be beyond beleif. Of course, challenge is another factor. I was a tad suprised, knowing this game is challenging, no comments were traced with that information. Weird, has Sploder finally made a turn for the best? I suppose not, but this is an unexpected break. I already have pride in what the game will have to offer for me. And I can tell, with what I have, and what is to come, Tbremise will not dissapoint me.

Opening Statements

I know Tbremise. He is my friend. I have seen his games. You better believe I enjoy them. He, excelling at the PPG, is an immensly talented artist in the game designing buisness. From his surge of popularity from Spectrum Of Light, to his present day stardom, he is what we call a legend at his work. And, based from the previous comments, and what I already have uncovered, the clues shall fall in place, to make what will forever be an amazing game to all. From the thumbnail, I can see a clear image. Just by this one hint, content flushes throughout my mind. Puzzle game? Black and white? Symmetric controls? Only one way to find out. The thumbnail doesn't exactly raise my expectations, or lower them, just what I expected remains. An amazing game. I can definitley depict the mirror image in this one, telling me at least 2 out of 3 of my earlier predictions will prevail. But what will stand, and what will fall? All of my previous thoughts can only be confirmed or declined in one way. And that way is to play this game.

Start Of A New Legacy

My venture brings me to the stagemark of the first level. Some may say it's an intro. Some may say it's a start screen. I call it a beginning. A beginning. A beginning to a new era of Sploder-kind. Forever and always, remembered will be this game. It will not be remembered, but remembered will be it. For always and for certian. Just the concept, the layout, the things we scan over to make a game that certian game are built ground up. Just those simple things give it it's foundation. Look at a game. Imagine, if it wasn't neon. If it was zero gravity. It's the simple things in life. The small, unnoticed features. They give everything it's warmth, it's notice, it makes the world a better place. And as we fail to notice, only a mere few can go indepth and understand the brilliance we all miss, but stands tall and proud. This is a credit to all of you that feel you are un-noticed. Don't look down. Don't hide in the shadow casted apon the end of the dark corridor. Be that light. Be happy. Be spontaneous. Be free. Because we all can assure you, you matter. You are great. You matter in this would. So don't forget about the loved ones that care about you. All your friends. All your known. Because you know they'd be in a deep, mournful peril without you at their side.

A Continuation To Glory

And so, as our journey presumes, we pass a whole new realm of gameplay tacticts. Instantaniously, confusion can be felt. Heard. Even seen, as I display my PC's screen. What? How? Even when can be asked, and even requested, but alas, until you endure more, the answers will remain hidden. Enigmatic. Base word is Enigma. Life is an enigma. So many endless mysteries we have never yet unvailed. Nor shall we ever. You know it's true when it's true. Wait, reassure yourself. Is it true? Or is it false? Is everything I have said false? Am I false at being false? Simplicity. What have I said. The title even clearly states. Only two options of the scenario can be certian. Can they? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Are you false? No. False at that? Not even close. Go with yourself. When all else fails, press those keys with pride. Even when you could die, fail, lose it all, you learned something for later. And as so, I take my first motion in Mimicry. Legendary steps. From that one notion, I have already figured how to move, from what I believe what to avoid, and from my instincts what to collect. Also, many predictions can be whirred from our brilliant minds. Two of the three statements I just now brainstormed are predictions. Once again, I trust my instinct, and what do you know, I succeed. Precision is key. One false move and you respawn at your start point. If you don't concentrate, you lose it all. So I reccomend you stay strict and focus. All loose action can be used against you. Risk? Don't. Knowing such a level will be a challenge, I go steady. And what would you believe, I accomplish the first level. The first level. A momentus occasion. Now, how many to follow? 7? Hopefully that'll be all the luck I need. Next level approaching, I don't know what to expect. What new features could commence? Will it get only harder from here? I shudder at my thoughts. All I can guarantee is that it will surely be a greater threat than before. Let's not have defiance on that care. Treat the keys with kindness, it is them and technology's accomplice that is dependent on my performance. Next, whew. All I can say. Thank you Tbremise for doing this to us. He, unlike many, added an element of worry. And then gave us a confident wave of releif. This is a unique strategy that has from what I know never been implemented quite like such. And the way he has remixed it will eventually be noticed. For now, I will remember this tactict for further attempts to make games half as holy as that of Tbremise's. Anywho, let's continue our oddysey across Mimicry.

Unleashing The Inner Beast

As I continue, I notice an additional feature. Being confined in a prison of absolute. Opposites attract in this paticullar scenario. Otherwise, no new key factor has been implemented. I'm not certian. In which here we have an event in which you can't trust instinct. In which you expect something unnoticed to have appeared. In this case, your instinct tells you not, but so would be an ultimatly better turn. Initial reaction can not be trusted. This awkward moment can be noted as a repelled initial. Believe the best option. Don't judge. It will get you better ways. Which is why I believe further to come is more outstanding traits. He is very intellegent. He does specialize in PPGs. Who knows what concoction can be created with Tbremise. He is a rainbow. He can't always be trusted. But always draws an appeal towards all citizens. Is he that man I saw in that van with the binoculars last week? I thought he looked familiar! Anyway, jokes aside, The game just suprised me. I never expected such skill in manipulation from such an innocent seeming user. Well done, Tbremise, well done indeed. You have me twisted in eleven different directions and my thoughts are revolving around eachother in ways that would scare the wits out of satan himself. He has us beat. But, escape the wrath. You have a game to conclude. You are too busy trapped, the game itself seemed to have slipped from you, in which you have forgotten the main key, to collect spheres and avoid the opposing platforms. Don't forget. I bet you forgot the last paragraph's ending, like I told you not to. I bet you forgot that girl you saw attractive at the mall last weekend. I bet you forgot many important notations from a young. Remember. Once again, the motto withstands. Look where it has led you. Far off here, and it still appears. You are thankful to be reminded. I won't be there later off in life to remind you, so take this advice seriously. Anyway, back to the game, I conclude a level of thought, of depth, a level that makes you remember...

Familiar Faces Return

Remember earlier when I said that new elements may be implemented by my predictions? Remember? Remember rememberance? If you have, good, I am impressed. Well, as I approach the halfway mark of my worldwidely adored travels, I finally mark what I prayed was to come. A new feature. Even just being one difference, it satisfies me. Just as well, I have not near as much experience of what is to come, so I wouldn't be complaining. Look at me, so far into an aspired wonderland that I already encountered a new generation of platforms in Mimicry. I'm proud. Be proud. Be confident. Be dominate. You dominate. Just by changing one word, look where we are. You truly have inner power. It just is a matter of when you will let it flow. See those 8' high jumpers? See those triple-flip bikers? You are them. You just don't know that yet. Don't take my words for granite. Take them for diamond. The diamond you are ranked at. If life wasn't a miracle enough, ever thought of an outshining? A moment in which you astounded your abilities? Well, harness that power. That was not lucky. You are lucky. In fact, you are anything you desire. If you only knew how to unleash your inner strength. Anyway, this game has unleashed more than dominance. It has unleased a new era to PPG-kind. Look at the perfection, every moment copied on flawlessley. We all wonder what Tbremise truly posseses. May he shine in his Sploder lifespan. After that level's duration, the next level follows such element, and the next level brings a new wonder. The next level even implememts all of what we love from Mimicry into one amazing, full, complete level. Thank you Tbremise for making our long experience as fantastic as it has been.

Last Remarks

As I say goodbye to the beloved, I almost don't want to say goodbye. He has displayed me with such beauty I feel horrid to say goodbye. Tbremise, god bless you, you have made my week. Your game has bestowed be with such wonderful talent. As I shed my tears, I bid farewell to a legendary game, and hit my paddle against the boss to win. The time. 3:34. It feels like such longer. Such excellence was so deeply cherished that it can be remembered. Remembered. There's that word again. Let it follow you in life, just as this holy game will always follow you wherever you may go. Thank you Tbremise so much.

Let Me Have A Moment...



Well, Tbremise, the gameplay was fun, enduring, addictive, and impressed me beyond belief. I don't have any true improvments. There was no sighted lag, no known errors, and I saw everything, behind my flame eyes at least, to be perfectly balanced.


The whole game throughout was one large puzzle, a key factor in such puzzle games. It all takes perfect focus on your game topic. Like always, your puzzle skill could not have been better. Movements were puzzling, hard to trace apon, but not unknown. High ratings are in your near future.


None. Nata. Zip zap zero. Performance is cherished. Nuff stated.


Look right here. This was excelled. I couldn't have found it better. You have enough space to pass, but not neccessarilly at ease. If you had enough skill to make it this good and conform it to fit with the mimic actions, then you know you have a good rating coming your way.


Gameplay ~ 18.4/20

Puzzles ~ 13.6/15

Lag ~ 10/10

Placement ~ 14.6/15

Grand Total ~ 56.6/60

This game was among the best of PPG's I have seen. When it comes down to superior logic, this game arises. When it comes down to anything, this game arises. Thank you Tbremise. Don't thank me. I thank you. You gave me pleasure, satisfaction. I found it better than ever imagined, even knowing your immense talent. Bravo, simply bravo. Thank you for reading a LevelOrange011 Review. I bid you all farewell.

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