SAHARA magic come true

By liammead :: Saturday August 14th, 2010

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NOTE 1 please feature this game it has over 2300 pieces and i havent had a featur ed game for a long time NOTE 2 i got the ideas from tobeygeorge artstaitan bobbler DESCRIPTION time to go to work your entering the eletronics station as you walk down the corridor you see lights of all differnt colours you open the door suddenly the alarm of the radar comes of you quickly run to the control room climb in your ufo as the automatic doors open and you fly out side you see some green dragons from the planet SAHARA you find that theay have set a bomb to blow up the planet EARTH a quickly go back in side the eletronics staitan you quickly punch a few letters into the logical bomb finder it picks up a scent from a earthquake mine suddenly the ground is shacken ok its defentaily the earthquake mine you say you quickly scramble out of the room and head for th mine 2 hours later you have arrived at the the mine you start down a tunnel there was a sudden screech bats you think then as you get distracted and fall into a pile of bat poo nockyour head on a rock and then everything goes black you wake up you are in a chamber you must of fallen into it when you got knocked out torche are attachad to the walls hmm looks liee somebodeys allready been here you think then theres a sudden clearance the bomb was lying there you try to pick it up buts its protected by a unbreakable forcefield you call sercurity five minuts later sercuritys pulling you to safety your only way to save the world is to go to the planet sahara and collect the emrald crystal of zara you rush to the rocket room dart into the rocket and rapidly press the control buttens soon enogh your flying can you get the emrald ceystal of zara before its late with only a sword ? do that to win the game


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