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Review by linkinparkgame on Monday, September 6th 2010
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The Eagle Chamber is a game created by theeagle

The Eagle Chamber by theeagle is a very difficult game. With having no idea what to happen next, this game= exhilarating! Just seeing the enemies in the very beginning made me think "This is going to be fun!"

==Before Thoughts==

Well, this game's design, along with the traps, and a puzzle. In this game you will see 3 things. 1. Not to many, but you will definitely see some traps. 2. You will see puzzles. These puzzles aren't the kind that trap you, they just make you pay some damage. 3. Difficult times, yep, you will probably die.

==During Play==

During game play, I died many of times. Countless times in fact, making his a very well done game. Well, that is not just what makes this game what it is. As you start out facing two tanks to the left and right, that is easy. But, this game gets harder just as every game does.

You come across some spiders as they create a puzzle. Not to confusing, but may take some time and health. As spiders aren't easily defeated, you are. Before you know it you will be probably trapped or dead. This is another thing that makes this game fun and addicting.

==After Play==

This game has made my mouth open up wide. This game was fun while I played it then I had to do this. Which was almost impossible because this game is very addicting. Just the way that I saw this game from the beginning, made me play this game and now I'm 100% glad I did.


fun: **********/********** 10/10!

Addicting: **********/********** 10/10!

Action: *********/********** 8/10

Health: **/********** 2/10 (the lower the better)

Weapons: /********** 0/10! (the lower the better)

Overall: **********/********* 9.5/10!

Keep this up theeagle, you will get many views. Just basically an awesome ship game that I am still playing! Excellent job!


The Eagle Chamber Reviewed by linkinparkgame on Monday, September 6th 2010. More Like The Death Chamber - A game review written by linkinparkgame for the game 'The Eagle Chamber' by theeagle. Rating: 5