GET TO THE CHOPPA! Or...the Escape Pod.

Review by littlemittle on Saturday, January 8th 2011
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Subject 2 is a game created by paradon


Paradon is an amazing game maker, with some very original concepts such as Burnout. I haven't played many of his platformers, but I expect a great game, knowing what he is capable of.

The Review

Paradon, you have not failed me. The game was impressive and considering when this was created before the big update, Paradon did a good job. Starting off with a barrel puzzle which will affect you progress through the rest of the game. I liked it as there is no certain way to get past it without losing a small amount of health. Sometimes I lost a minuscule amount, others I lost over half.

I continued through the game, along my way passing numerous amount of puzzles and action sequences which left me refreshing the page and coming back more determined than ever. One thing I liked about the game was the use of the perm-blocks. This was a big aspect of the game and it was used well. Because of the perm-blocks, I always had to be careful where I go in-case I make the game impossible and therefore had to refresh, as I had to do several times.

The action was really good. You weren't given many power-ups to use meaning you had to rely on fighting technique. Although, if you're willing to extend your game time, you can exploit the re-spawn of a power-up and use it for the rest of the game, which makes it slightly easier, but at the same time, you must always be careful.

The design was carefully thought out, using many of the available blocks to maintain the illusion of being trapped in a base. Saying this, the story, title and design all tied together nicely, which I believe gave me a better gaming experience.

Although a good game, it had some flaws. There were a few glitches, some of which I exploited to win. You could use power-ups which were meant to be used to solve puzzles against enemies and the archer was easy to avoid if you just ran past it. As I say, some flaws, but a good game.

My favourite bit of the game was the part after the yellow key. After facing some moderately easy enemies, it took me completely by surprise when I was attacked by one of the more advanced enemies. Even after knowing it was there, I had difficulty defeating it.

My least favourite bit of the game was the placement of archers. I know I mentioned this before, but I would like to elaborate. The majority of enemy placement was good, but the archers could only fire through one small hole which can be avoided if ran over quickly enough. Maybe if multiple holes had been put in, the archers would of been slightly more deadly

Overall, Subject 2 was a good game. It had action, traps and puzzles. It had good design and story but in places there were some flaws.


Action: ________/__________
Puzzles and Traps: _______/__________
Design: ________/__________
Enemy Placement: _______/__________
Power-Ups: ________/__________
Difficulty: _________/________

Overall: ________/__________

Final Thoughts

I was pleased with Subject 2. Paradon has made another good game and this is certainly a feature worthy, addictive game.


Subject 2 Reviewed by littlemittle on Saturday, January 8th 2011. GET TO THE CHOPPA! Or...the Escape Pod. - A game review written by littlemittle for the game 'Subject 2' by paradon. Rating: 4