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Review by littlemittle on Saturday, January 22nd 2011
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Base 1.1 is a game created by maddogten

A while ago, maddogten asked me to review Base 1.1. I tried at the time to beat the game and after failing a numerous amount of times, I gave up. I found myself bored, scrolling through the featured games, when I came across Base 1.1 again. I remembered my promise and decided I'd stick to it. So yes maddog, it is your lucky day I will be reviewing Base 1.1.


Maddogten seems like a good game maker and he is a very mature person. The thumbnail doesn't show much, so I cannot anticipate what the game will be like. I find myself with nothing more to say, so I shall now continue with the review.

The Review

Maddog, I was not disappointed. The game starts off in a very simple manner. I fall down and kill some enemies and continue onwards. Nothing too complex. I am hoping that the rest of the game is not as simplistic as this. As I move onwards, I find my prayers are answered.

The rest of the game consists mainly of puzzles and traps which usually use perm-blocks. I really liked the puzzles and traps, mainly because of the wide variation between them. Some requited you to race against the clock, others required you to concentrate and control your character extremely carefully.

Although the game mainly focused on puzzles, there was also some good action, in which you also had different fighting styles, evasiveness or charging in head first. It wasn't what I'd call intense, but if you didn't play your card right you could lose a good chunk of precious health. A bit I didn't like about the action is to do with the enemy placement. There were some enemies you could avoid or run past. This was slightly disappointing as it takes away from the challenge of the game, but it is a small error and I'll let it slide.

My favourite bit of the game by far was the crystal placement. It was obvious a lot of effort went into it and they were arranged very sneakily. I missed a crystal more than once, therefore forcing me to restart the game. some were in plane sight, others out of the way.

My least favourite part of the game was the 3rd crystal, or the 1st control jump. In normal circumstance I would of enjoyed something such as this, but I found you can run across by holding run and jump. The few times this didn't work, I found another flaw, which enabled me to get back up and make another attempt.

There was not much scenery in the game, which was once again, a bit of a let down, but it gave me the feel that I was out-doors. Although this made up for some of the disappointment, it was still an aspect which could of been approved. Saying this, the story was good and well thought out and I believe it fit in with the title and game-play nicely

Overall, Base 1.1 is a good game. It incorporates a lot of things you would expect to see in a good platformer such as action, puzzles and traps but there are some things which could be improved upon.

My recommendation? Increase the action by adding more enemies, improve the enemy placement and add traps in unexpected places.


Puzzles and Traps: ____/_____
Action: ___/_____
Enemy Placement: ___/_____
Design: __/_____
Difficulty: ___/_____

Overall: 3/5

Final Thoughts

A good game which did not disappoint and is certainly worthy of a feature, but I believe it could better if some tweaks were made.


Base 1.1 Reviewed by littlemittle on Saturday, January 22nd 2011. I'm A Man Of My Word - A game review written by littlemittle for the game 'Base 1.1' by maddogten. Rating: 3