Motherboard Plus

By littlepixel :: Sunday July 12th, 2020

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OFFICIAL MANUAL - - Every unit can move with W,A,S,D and shoot pellets with [spacebar]. In addition, they are eoĢØuipped with 2 rechargable EMP charges that can be used with [right mouse click]. Remember to mute the sound and play music in the background. This automated base is responsible for cleaning up the interior of every sector inside Mother 4B. You, as a simple bomber unit identical to everyone before you are tasked to get rid of the various intruders inside sector D and disconnect the corrupt motherboard from it together with future replacements of yourself. It appears like the individuals alarming the base have disappeared exactly 998 days ago. Our scanners seem to not locate any lifeform identical to the individuals from before since that exact day. Therefore the task will not be cancelled until it is finished. You are not expected to withstand. If no music seems to be in your possesion, I highly advice you to use the official Motherboard Playlist: Undoubtedly, this is the best project I have ever worked on, and I am very thankful to everyone giving me feedback and support to finish it while maintaining it's quality. Very special thanks to sticki for helping out on this project. This wouldn't have been possible without him.


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