Noblemans Quest 1 Evilton

By liv33vil :: Saturday October 3rd, 2009

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If this game is too hard try the easy version. ********************************************** You are a Nobleman named Frederick Trapman. You are on an 3pic quest to save your country from complete destruction. But first retrieve the Troll Kings prized possession. His 54 carat diamond,known as the "Eye of the Sun" You need the eye of the sun to open the gate into the nether realm. But to get to the Troll Kings Black Castle you must survive Evilton. It is under command of the Troll king, and survival seems bleak. Jumping to the trees and dropping between them seems safe enough. After getting some protection, get some fire. then back to the trees for a sneak attack! George is tough but not to bright. He may follow you to his doom. After going back for a shock. Continue but be careful of where you step, it may not be "health"y for you. Then ascend the windmill for the key to the future. Take siege on the black castle and take your victory!


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