Spartans V.S Elites: Rescue

By lmdo :: Saturday May 15th, 2010

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This area had a War Spartans V.S Elites but now you have to Rescue the marines from the Grunts,Jackals,Brutes and of course Elites! The Elites have taken some of our defence turrets and tanks but we can take drone turrets and Scorpions(Tanks) and lead the Spartans to Ultimate Victory!. The Strategy here is ensure that not many spartans die and try take all enemy drone turrets and Tanks so you can get the upper hand in Morale. Big guys are Brutes,Medium sized are Elites and little are Grunts/Jackals and not on this we will have some other for HUNTER!!! TO BE CONTINUED IN maybie about a century or two if that's al right :)>


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