#1 A Whisper Before The Shout

Review by lobert1922 on Saturday, August 15th 2015


Hello, what’s up guys? Today I’ll be reviewing a retro arcade game called Whispers From the Godless Chapter I. Troyio already has a large amount of features, and is a respected and popular game maker on Sploder. With that in mind, I’m already expecting an amazing game just off his reputation alone. Enough of praising Troyio though, lets dive into this game.


This game is going to be part of a series, as it is implied by the title of the game “Chapter I”. So the storyline is obviously going to develop over the course of future games. However, the second you start playing this game, you’re already being thrown dialogue for you to read. Normally, I’d be a little annoyed. However, the dialogue this game gives you is intriguing and informative, but leaves you wanted more. Which fits this game perfectly.

Furthermore, a big thing for me in games is the scenery. You can have perfect placement, an amazing storyline, but if you have horrible scenery. Then what’s the point? Troyio worked wonders on the scenery in this game. He built the storyline, and placement around the scenery of the game. So when you play his game, it all fits in perfectly. Not too much, but not too little. An amazing balance, even if he could of expanded the scenery and changed it up a little more at times.

Now, for something everyone loves in a game. Combat. Doesn’t everyone love fighting baddies and kicking butt in games? Well, there’s not much combat in this game. And when there is, it seems kind of pointless. There’s no real purpose calling you to defeat the baddies other than the fact you can only progress by killing them. However, I’m hoping that the future games in this series expand on combat a little bit more and give the player more of an incentive to kill them. As well as immerse the player more in the exploration aspect.

Puzzles that make you use your brain to try to solve them? There aren’t any that I could see. Moving on.

Now, with all that being said, I can now give my opinion on the overall gameplay. This game isn’t difficult, but you should have at least a little experience in arcade games before you play it. One of the great things about this game is the fact that there are multiple ways you can go. If you looked at the map, you’d be able to see that this game doesn’t always direct you to go that way, or this way. It isn't linear; instead, it often gives you a choice in which area or direction you wish to explore. Which is something not often found in arcade games.


Gameplay – 8/10

Scenery – 9/10

Combat – 5/10

Puzzles – None

Difficulty – Average

Overall – 8/10


Feature Worthy? Well, Troyio is an expert game maker, who has many features under his belt to prove it too. This game is part of a series and can’t really be judged too harshly on its flaws. However, this game is just the start of an even bigger adventure, and so far, it’s amazing and I look forward to Troyio’s continuation of this series. Definitely a feature-worthy game.


Whispers From the Godless Chapter I Reviewed by lobert1922 on Saturday, August 15th 2015. #1 A Whisper Before The Shout - A game review written by lobert1922 for the game 'Whispers From the Godless Chapter I' by troyio. Rating: 4