By lonnie :: Friday March 23rd, 2012

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Sorry I have to do this, but some people just don't get it. Day after day sploder is being spammed by stupid Justin Bieber games. People who dislike him wont dislike him anymore playing your games. If you look up the word "Justin" in the games, you will notice how page after page is filled with "Kill Justin Bieber" "Justin Bieber Must Die". You guys put no effort in your games and they only have one pointless goal to them, to spread the hate on a person who hasnt done anything to you in any way, shape, or form, But yet you act like you hate this guy more than you hate Hitler. Don't believe me? Look up Hitler on the game search and you'll get 9 pages of games. Look up Justin Bieber on the game search. Plus the idiots who spelled his last name wrong, so look up Justin Beiber and add those games up. Then look up JB and BOOM, some more. This hate to Justin Bieber really has gone way to far and way to pathetic. You have no explanation to hate Bustin Bieber, other than you hate his MUSIC. you thought since, "Hey I hate his music, I must hate him". Thats just being a complete mindless "zombie" who only follows the crowd. Keep in mind that sploder.com is a website to make games, not to spread the ongoing hate among famous people. And I know, that the only reason that this wouldnt get 5 star is because you guys love this hate. Spread the word, save peoples time from being wasted on playing these "Games", and start making something fun out of sploder. Oh and for the record. I do not like Justin Biebers music at all, I probably will never listen to it again unless i have to, so don't go saying that Im only telling you this because i like Justin Bieber, because, I dont. Congratulations to all who read this all and I hope you understand. Thank you. EDIT: If you guys read the announcement geoff made, then there you go again, WE ARE SICK OF IT! Stop making the JB games, it wastes our time and when you get down to it, its wasting your time also


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