Feed him for 5 awards

By lookgames :: Thursday August 29th, 2013

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The true name of my game is ...Feed pacman exe 1000000 million ghosts and foods for 5 awards but because it's too big i ride this name!Pacman exe it's the newest lookgames cartoon character!His the most worst enemy of pacman ...and ghost too !His favorite foods it's ghosts , hot pastes cheery and a piece of chicken but noones know what is this on it ...Ketchup or blood.Anyway if you play my game try to win (I will see if you win in the high scores ranking)becaue i will give you 5 awards !Please vote 5 stars and nominate !Oh and if you want to find my originall pacman exe graohic write on the graphics tags ...pacman lookgames or pacmanexe!And very soon i will create another game with pacman exe!Hope you like and score 1000000 good luck!


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