SM Battle jame192 VS redglasses23

By lookgames :: Saturday October 17th, 2015

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Ok , guys i know it's been a while since i last made a splodermon battle and i saw that there some people that wanted to see one , so i tried to make another ... The reasons that i hadn't made a battle here and while it's ... Well i don't know how to say it but school maked me able to stay (more that 1 hour on internet )only on saturday , and in the last month i wasn't in the mood to make a splodermon battle ...(Or a game )But anyway let's talk about this battle ...Wondering why it's so short ?Come on guys don't you know ?HOnestly ... I told you sooo many times... make great graphics for epic and long battles ... Okay the graphics wasn't terrible but i'm sure that they could had been imroved , seriously i'm starting thinking of not letting everyone have splodermon battles with just a simple graphic ... But i really don't want that ... So if you want to have great battles and give me the mood to create them please ... you know ... Anyway i think that i'm speaking too much m so let's close this ... Hope you enjoyed this short splodermon battle ... Until next time :)


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