SM battle thespider2345 vs nikjake

By lookgames :: Wednesday August 19th, 2015

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Nice battle there guys !Awards for both of you !And now some information about splodermon , i would be really apreticate it if you share it with other members ... 1.I will making splodermon battle once or twice a week cause i have to create games too and other (life stuffs ) .2...YOu see... Some tips about splodermon battles , i mean about your splodermons ... * you can draw everything and make it your splodermon (Yup i mean pokemon , digimon and other monsters )expect ... you know mature contect otherwise i will have to report you ... * If you want to win a splodermon battle easier you better draw graphics with ... different sprites , what i mean , check the gallor of nikjake and you will understand , Oh and if your make your graphics GIF , this give you extra power ! 4.Thanks for hearing me and thanks for joing splodermon !Hope you enjoyed the battle!And remember , no matter who wons ... You join , you had a game with your name in there that it's making it amazing already !Oh and before i close , if you see any grammar mistakes in my description or my game be sure to inform me !!!See ya ^o^


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