Splodermon battle review. Join Now

By lookgames :: Saturday August 8th, 2015

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SPLODERMON ARE BACK !JOIN NOW ! IT'S EASY !!! Rules and explanation :It's very easy to join a splodermon battle , just comment than you want to join on the comments !Or join splodermon group so you can find easier opponets !When you , or i found you a second opponet i will make the battle !Don't worry !You just have to use your graphics you can told me which one to use or i will choose one randomly !Everyone wons something !The winner earns 3 award and the losser wons 1 !Remember graphics it's the trick !Oh and about your avatar graphic don't worry i will draw you one ;D !HAVE QUESTIONS ?Ask on the comments or in the splodermon group !


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