Fluffy Darkness

By lordeldar :: Saturday April 19th, 2014

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[Voted Best Platformer and Best Overall of SGD 3] (My SGD 3 entry. To get a better understanding of the story I recommend playing The Golden Carrot first, as this is the second part of the fluffypocalypse trilogy) [If the character is Blockhead in level 2, you need to refresh the page or clear your browser cache. It should also say "FLUFFY DARKNESS V1.2" on the lift at the start] It all started with The Golden Carrot and now it's going to continue. After the events are the Centre of Fluffy Military everybody evacuated to the Fluffy Corporation Base. Now, they have a plan to take the carrot and prevail over the Kurku and take the carrot. But for bunny trainer Andy, the fluffy side have other plans for him. Meanwhile, the kurku have a trick up their sleeve, and all they need is DNA, and they've won. Take on the role of Andy and take down the kurku in the second installment of the Fluffypocalypse trilogy.


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