Killing An Immortal

By lordeldar :: Friday July 14th, 2017

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[My EGD 11 entry, finished 5th place overall and 2nd in loners category (Arcade and Algorithm. Also came 1st in Arcades in GOTY 2017] [NOTE: YOU WILL NEED MOVEMENT LEVEL 3 BEFORE LEVEL 5 and HEALTH LEVEL 5 FOR LEVEL 6. AT THE END YOU WILL GET ONE OF EACH UPGRADE SO DO NOT UPGRADE ABOVE LEVEL 4 OR IT WILL BE A WASTE. THE GAME SHOULD SAY V1.3 DURING THE FIRST BIT OF DIALOGUE, IF IT DOES NOT YOU ARE PLAYING AN OLDER VERSION OF THE GAME] You are Jum, one of two immortals. Your brother, Tou has gone rogue and set off on a journey to destroy your homeworld of Artus. It is up to you, to chase him down and defeat him. But how do you kill an immortal? Find out in this thrilling adventure, as you chase Tou down through 4 worlds and 6 levels

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