The chase

By lordeldar :: Thursday December 3rd, 2009

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Welcome to the chase. This is a very long description so I don't blame you for not reading it all. In this description I will be using British spellings. Basically you find some guns on a rollacoaster (See a few lines down) and you must get the crystal. But a few enemies have made the rollacoaster hell to ride on and it's up to you to fight them to get the crystal. Now then, Onto the weapons. You are equipped with two guns and a sword to fight the enemies. This doesn't mean it's easy though. The game is very hard. You are playing as yourself in an adventure to get the crystal. Story: You are sent onto a rollacoaster to get a crystal for some unknown reason. On the rollacoaster you are attacked by some enemies. You must fight them and get the crystal before you are taken out by the enemies or they find out that there even is a crystal.


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