The Warrior 2

By lordeldar :: Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

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(NOTE: IN ORDER TO GET A PLATINUM AWARD YOU MUST EARN ALL THE KARMA BY RESCUING EVERYBODY, COMPLETING ALL SIDE MISSIONS, VISITING ALL AREAS AND COMPLETING THE MAIN STORY (BEFORE YOU TURN IT IN), THEN YOU MUST SHOW ME A SCREENSHOT OF YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PATH YOU WALK IF YOU SPEAK TO THE PRIEST IN THE FIRST TOWN, SHOW ME THE FULL PAGE TO PROVE THAT IT IS YOU AND NOT SOMEBODY ELSE) After rescuing Princess Cliche, you decided to move away, have a break from being a warrior. Little did you realise that there was something else waiting for you, another mission. Straight away, you're thrown into the deep end trying to take out a criminal gang threatening your new land in this exciting adventure


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