The Warrior's Inn

By lordeldar :: Monday June 27th, 2011

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Days Pass, The Daily Death Count increases at the Warrior's Inn. It was made in 1856 and has never had any Issues, until the Terrorist Attacks hit. And with the Police imprisoned by the Terrorists, it's down to one Person. Steve, but he finds out that one of the Policemen has escaped and he has to find him. The Warrior's Inn tells the Story of 3 People on the Night the Attacks Reached it's Peak, and it's end. For all of them, it's the most Adventurous Night of their Lives, and the most Dangerous. But the Situation is still out of their Control, only one Person can really save everyone from the Disaster, but can never help ever again, the Warrior. The Most Powerful living thing on Earth. But it's Power is so great, it leads to another Disaster. Are you ready for an Adventure like no other?


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