Touch of doom.

By lordeldar :: Tuesday December 8th, 2009

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Boss: WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT NOT GOING THERE. You: It was requested by you sir. Boss: I never requested anything from you. Now go on your stupid adventure. You: It;s not an adventure. Boss: You don't understand. I have a long story. In this arena there was once a boy. He was called "Jim". Jim was happy until he noticed the arena. He loved arena's. He went to invesigate. There was nothing. Jim realised his life was boring so he planted lava seeds. A few years later Jim checked on the seeds and the had nearly grown. He bacame angry and place a lock in the arena meaning once you come in there was no way out. His anger planted a crystal somewhere meaning you would have to find it. But the lava would probably kill you before you found it. People were angry at Jim. But he didn't care and pushed them into the arena. They burnt becoming more lava seeds. Now you've entered and Jim's curse willcome to you. Escape before you go mad like him.


Tags: pokemon

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