.:|WD|:. So, Are Gameraterz' Games Really As Good As People Say?

Review by lordeldar on Monday, May 23rd 2011
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Game Raterz is a game created by gameraterz

So, 12 Review and 3rd for .:|WD|:. (I'd just wish the Tag wasn't so Complicated) Today I'll be Reivewing Game Raterz by gameraterz.


I've heard of Gameraterz before, People say he's a Really Good Game Creator so I thought I'd test out his First Game and Review it. Hopefully these People are Serious about saying that his Games are great but I'll have to play it to find out. Although I did play one of his Games which I thought was very good


Ok, Bad Backround, Nick use of Keys, Teleports, Repellers, Crystals. Looks pretty Action Packed, now I see why these People say Gameraterz is a Great Game Maker. Can't wait to get down to Reviewing it and Playing it


I know I didn't beat it but I think I've played enough to Review it and seen enough. But that opening is Absolutely amazing, one of the best Opening's I have ever experienced on Sploder. And it stays that Awesome throughout the Whole Game. And best of all, there is no downside (Except maybe the Time) about the Gameplay. Meaning it's just you enjoying this Piece of Awesomeness.


The Backround it a little bit Bland, but apart from that Scenery was cool, the Doors at the Start with no Point were clearly there for a Reason, to add to the Scenery. Enemies & Hazards look like they were also Placed there to add to the Scenery, and difficulty. So the Scenery was also Good (Apart from the Backround) Good Work!


Now I don't need to do what I normally do because it would all be the Same. So let's get this done normally like I would everwhere else in a Review. Placement was Pretty much Perfect in all Fields for all kinds of Reasons. From Scenery all the Way to making you think a bit. So Placement was what I said earlier in this Section

Puzzles & Traps

No really very Many Traps I could see, infact. None! But, don't think that this will be Negative as there are Plenty of Puzzles to Satisfy me, you, other People who never read this Review. Ok, they aren't the best I've seen from him but some of them sure do require Thought before you go ahead. So I can end that on a Postive note too

In A Setence

A Masterpiece, perfect in every way


Everything except Time


See Above


Action: 10/10

Addictiveness: 10/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay): 10/10

Difficulty: 10/10 (Not too hard, but not too easy)

Scenery: 9/10

Puzzles & Traps: 10/10

Placement: 10/10

Lag: 10/10

Time: 6/10

Overall: **********/********** (I know I Gave Time 6 but the Rest makes up for it)

This Game is Perfect, what more could you want apart from a bit more length? Nothing! It's an Amazing Journey throughout, filled with Puzzles and Amazing Battles. It's a Game everybody should Play, one of the Best Shooters on Sploder. Gameraterz, you really delivered with your First Game. You deserve the 10/10 I've given you. Best Game I've ever Reviewed


Game Raterz Reviewed by lordeldar on Monday, May 23rd 2011. .:|WD|:. So, Are Gameraterz' Games Really As Good As People Say? - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Game Raterz' by gameraterz. Rating: 5