.:|WD|:. Greatest PPG?

Review by lordeldar on Sunday, May 29th 2011
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Puzzle Blocks Inc. is a game created by masenko

16th Review! Yeah, that's not an Achievement. People have done about 50 Reviews. I'll know I've done too many when I get there. That's when I'll Scream "DEMOTE ME!" But anyway, that was a Joke. Anyway, today I'm Reviewing Puzzle Blocks Inc. by masenko, and I already don't like the Full stop at then end of the Title, it annoys me.


I've played Masenko's Other Game (The Prophecy) before I was a Reviewer, which I said was Horrible because of that Start bit. Eventually I learnt how Clever that was and grew to Enjoy the Game. So Expectations are High. I also Read Nitrogendioxide say that it was the Best Game on Sploder which made me think it would be cool and everybody else was saying it was Great.


It's Colourful, but looks a little Pointless. It's seems there's no Aim and it just looks pretty Pointless. So that dropped my Expectations a little bit. But then again, it looks puzzling, pretty Puzzling


So it's just a Puzzle here, Puzzle there, every Level is a Puzzle. Oh wait, did I talk about the puzzles in Gameplay? Yes, sorry about that. But that's all the Game really is, getting a Red Block to a Coin. But it's alot more fun then it sounds, you have to work out what goes where. It also frustrates you at times as the Stupid Block won't go where you want it. It's not got very Much Action but everything else about it that I usually talk about it Pretty much Perfect

So, Gameplay was great.


The Blocks in the Game are Very Colourful, and I mean very Colourful. They stay the same for most of the Game without being Dull. The same Applies to the Backround of the Game (Well, it's not Colourful) And you'll be spending ages playing around with this Masterpiece so it has to be good to keep you playing. Doesn't it? So, another Positive Paragraph

Puzzles & Traps

Be prepared for a VERY (Yes, I had to use Caps to Show that) long Paragraph. Got it? Good

Puzzles were Everywhere, every Level has a Puzzle of Working out how to get the Red Block to the Coin. That's sounds easy, it's not. You'll be spending ages moving everything around before you finally get the Red Block to the Coins. The Puzzles are fun, yet frustrating. And even after you've beaten them all you still think "How do I do this?" unless you play it Non-Stop for a Day. Eventually those these Puzzles would get dull, but I'm sure that won't be happening to anybody anytime soon.

And Traps aren't Needed in a Game with Such Great Puzzles, end of!


Block Placement was of course, Brilliant! If it was bad the game would either be Impossible or Stupidly easy. So masenko kind of had to rely on it

Of Course, there aren't Enemies, Health or Power-ups in the Game. But they aren't needed. It would totally Ruin the Game if they were there

In A Sentence

Frustrating Puzzles that make you wanna Swear at your Computer, yet it's still fun


Pretty Much Everything


Only 5 Levels


Action: 6/10

Addictiveness: 10/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay): 10/10

Difficulty: 8/10

Scenery: 9/10

Time: 9/10

Puzzles & Traps: 11/10 (It's that good)

Lag: 10/10

Placement: 10/10

Overall: _________.9/__________

Not everything about it is Perfect but what the Game does do well it does fantastically. And now to Answer the Question in the Title? Yes, it is the Best PPG from what I know. It was Featured for a Reason, and that's because of it's greatness. You just can't deny it's awesomeness


Puzzle Blocks Inc. Reviewed by lordeldar on Sunday, May 29th 2011. .:|WD|:. Greatest PPG? - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Puzzle Blocks Inc.' by masenko. Rating: 4.5