Hey, I've Played This Before!

Review by lordeldar on Tuesday, August 4th 2020
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Many, Many, MANY Rooms is a game created by ethan2009

Hello, Lordeldar here for another riveting review, today we review Many, Many, MANY Rooms by Ethan2009. Here we go...


Ethan is a well-known game creator. Most well known for winning a contest with his impossible game The Chamber of Magic. The game was quite average and lacked gameplay, you just run around hitting switches. Ethan is also a notable fanboy. A statue of Sto4 can be seen in his bedroom. His games have a very strong Sto4 influence, with Meowmeowfurrycat referring to Soldiers as "a discount Sto4 game". My expectations for this game are that Ethan will make a game with a lot of Sto4 influence, he will maybe borrow some ideas. The name Many, Many, MANY Rooms intrigues me, as this sounds like a unique name and a potentially unique concept never seen before in Sploder. Could this be EGD worthy?


With the exception of a few, these kind of games are the lamest, and lowest common denominator games. No real skill or effort involved. Just place blocks here and there and bam you're done. How these repetitive and overdone shooter games keep getting featured boggles me. Many, Many, MANY Rooms however, is an exception to this. Nobody has ever made a game about with this concept, and I am kicking myself for having never made a game about many rooms. As for the gameplay itself, all you do is run around in circles and get to the end. It's a very unique and enjoyable concept. If I had a criticism, it would be that there is too much gameplay. Looking at The Chamber of Magic, there are long paths where you do nothing. I'm very disappointed to see Ethan has not brought this idea into Many, Many, MANY Rooms.

The scenery is also a unique take, and I have never seen any game do this ever. I can't imagine how Ethan came up with this idea, it's truly amazing!


Gameplay - 10/10

Scenery - 10/10

Placement - 10/10

Difficulty - 10/10

Creativity - 10/10

Overall: 1/10

You're forgetting the concept has been done to death, this particular take on it was rather weak. our arena was really small and the enemy fences can be destroyed ( which i assume was unintentional ). Play Many Rooms by Lordeldar instead.


Many, Many, MANY Rooms Reviewed by lordeldar on Tuesday, August 4th 2020. Hey, I've Played This Before! - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Many, Many, MANY Rooms' by ethan2009. Rating: 0.5