Future Planet,The Last Stand

By loulaa :: Tuesday November 2nd, 2010

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This has come to the last stand.your final chance to destroy the enemy outcasts,you must use what you can to fight them off,even if to do so it will use the full strength of you and your men you must destroy them,to prevent our future planets destruction.quickly secure your team in the main bunker and recruit as many men as you can to join your alliance,even the privates,get whoever you can and arm them with a weapon.the enemy are waiting for you,and destroying your criticaly important defences,you mustget there quick my soldier,to save yourself,and your fellow men.As always soldier all my luck is with you,i'm sorry that this mission didn't plan out the way it should,but you must do all that can do possible if were going to have a chance.Good Luck my friend.And remember commander,do both you,your planet,and your men a well fought battle,so get out there and show them what we've got!


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